Strategic Consulting


Our experts deliver strategic consulting services to corporations, government agencies, and entrepreneurs seeking to launch new initiatives, enter new markets, or keep pace with an evolving marketplace for goods, services, and ideas. Our clients include global financial institutions, federal departments and ministries, major universities, leading philanthropic foundations, and start-ups.

Expert Testimony


We serve as expert witnesses in high-profile litigation matters that require a unique depth of knowledge. Several of our experts have testified before the United States Congress, UK Parliament, and other government bodies.

Keynote Speakers


EXEDEC thought leaders speak at international conferences, government functions, industry summits, corporate leadership retreats, trade association meetings, civic events, and academic audiences. To date, our team members have taken the stage in over 25 countries on 3 continents. EXEDEC thought leadership contributes to setting the agenda for cyber conferences in Europe and Asia.

Advisory Services


We serve on boards of directors and in other advisory roles. These retainer-based engagements afford both new and established companies direct access to our world-class expertise, which may not be available to them in-house.

Global Governance


EXEDEC advises government ministries, international institutions, and NGOs around the globe on cybersecurity and threat analytics. Our strategists bring forward solutions to enhance and protect IT systems for big data applications. EXEDEC's team also develops customized implementation plans and offers in-house training to government officials. Our consortium unites expert knowledge with unique, international perspectives to achieve client outcomes.

Corporate Training


EXEDEC provides substantive guidance and training on cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, geo-political risk, health care IT systems, transportation safety, government relations, and other disciplines relevant to our team members' expertise.